Viktor Storozhuk
Etching & Graphics.
I was born in a mining town in Ukraine in the family of a miner and a doctor, in 1987. I have been involved in music since childhood, but in my free time, I have always loved to paint. After graduating from school, I was faced with the choice of which profession to learn? My mother did not welcome my passion for music and drawing. Under her influence, I was forced to study economics. My friends and I formed a band and we spent all the time rehearsing, so after I finished the studies I had no idea in economics and there was nothing to show off in the music field either.
My parents realized that 4 years of study had been lost and "their economist" would not succeed. Now no one told me what to do and I went to Lviv to get an art education, during my studies I was fascinated by etching, graphics and at the moment it plays a big role in my life. At the moment I am an Art-Iead in one of the world's leading companies, work with video games for other few companies and also have my projects, but in my free time, I shut myself in and create etchings.

Sometimes people tell me, that my works cause fear. But it's not the aim, which I'm trying to insert into every particular work.
Try to mention feeling when you are immersed in your head in water.
Sounds have different character. A person is face to face with himself. The person hears more details in his thoughts. My works lives in such coordinates
I am trying to visualize something not specific, but the very state, State that gives you opportunity to develop your own history.
Condition of calm reign in my works.
Viktor Storochuk, Artist